Level 4 Maths


PLP Level 3-4

1. Whole Numbers
3a. Squares and square roots3b. Powers
4. Scientific Notation
5. Negative Numbers/Coordinates
6. Fractions
7. Percentages
8. Ratio
9. Algebra
10. Symmetry
11. Time
12. Statistics
13. Area
14. Pythagoras’ Theorem
15a. Circle: Area and circumference
15b. Circle: Arcs and sectors
15c. Circle: Angles and tangents
16. Number Patterns
17. Straight Line
18. Similarity
19. Volume
20. Tolerance
21. Money/Personal Finance 1
23. Time/Planning

Supporting Worksheets for Time/Planning
Football ticket Schedule
Metrolink tramguide
Route map
Schedule of football matches
Train times: London to Oxford
Train times: Manchester to London Euston
Train times: Oxford to Manchester
Tram times: Old Trafford to Picadilly
Tram times: Picadilly to Old Trafford

Task answer sheet

24. Maths in the workplace – research
25. Graphical data – statistics project