S1,2,3 Maths

Pupils follow a planned programme of work in line with the Curriculum for Excellence arrangements which addresses each of the identified elements of Mathematics.

Pupils follow differentiated courses appropriate to their level of ability: Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4. Progress is monitored and reviewed at regular intervals so pupils are following a course which has the appropriate level of pace and challenge to meet their needs. Where this is found not to be the case, steps are taken to adjust the course of study to a more appropriate level for the pupil.

A variety of learning and teaching methods is used and pupils are encouraged to adopt an enterprising approach to learning where appropriate.

Pupils are also encouraged to assess their own progress through the use of Personal Learning Plans. These are taken home, discussed with and signed by parents in addition to an individual interview with the classroom teacher. Following these discussions steps are taken to address any areas of challenge encountered by the pupils. These PLPs can be viewed on line in the S1/2/3 pages.

Level 2 Maths

Level 3 Maths

Level 4 Maths


Assessment is ongoing on throughout the year.