Business Education


Mrs Russell Faculty Head
Mrs Sneddon Teacher
Mrs Wardlaw Teacher
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BGE Course


  • Trading Places – Organising a virtual pupil exchange trip between French and German pupils’ to Holy Cross High School. This involves internet research, desktop publishing, word processing and PowerPoint.
  • Email and Email etiquette.
  • Charting.
  • Sustainability – Summative topic which encapsulates the skills covered throughout the session, looking at personal sustainability and leading on to corporate sustainability.


  • Business ethics and Fairtrade
  • Goods & Services / Needs & Wants
  • Warning may contain losses (business project) – developing and marketing a chocolate/cereal bar using word processing, spreadsheet, PowerPoint and internet reasearching skills. Skills for work are incorporated as pupils are expected to present/pitch their final product.

Senior Course Choice

  • National 3/4/5 Administration & IT
  • Higher Administration & IT
  • National 3/4 Business
  • National 5 Business Management
  • Higher Business Management

Extra Curricular

  • Senior Supported Study


  • New York

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