Apps to Aid Learning

A free Graphic Calculator app for iphone and android – this turns your phone into a scientific calculator.




The Revision App for ipad has tutor videos and exam revision quizzes for GCSE, As-Level, A2-Level and 11+ subjects. The content covers many of the topics and units covered in National 5 and Higher.


Created by an Edinburgh teacher, designed for the National5 course.


Has over 300 Q&A cards. Helps for revising the different modules you study within class and prepare for your end of year exams. Hundreds of multiple choice questions with short explanations of each answer will allow you to learn and improve your understanding of each topic. 


A vocabulary and grammar learning app for a variety of languages.



An app which allows users to create their own flashcards for revision. Creating these involves revising coursework, identifying important information and organising it. The created flashcards are useful for last minute revision and working with partners, particularly when partners explain terms and keywords and their relevance