Here are some of the initiatives that have been implemented in order to support all young people within the school.

In order to raise awareness of different types of bullying, the ABC designed and produced posters which have been placed around the school. The posters are designed to educate young people on different types of bullying.

Another initiative which the committee have been working on is the Anti-Bullying Box.

The aim of the box, is to provide young people with a discreet way of telling someone if they are being bullied. The box is located in the Technical corridor and is checked regularly by Mrs Marsh. Any notes left in the box will be dealt with quickly and passed onto pupil support.


The final initiative the ABC have been working on is a lunchtime support club for young people who may wish some time out and would prefer to spend their time in a quiet space. The main aim of the club is to provide a safe place for young people to go where they can receive advice or support, work on self-resilience and even meet some new friends. The club will be available every lunchtime in the study room and will be supervised by a member of staff and 2 ABC ambassadors.