Anti-Bullying Committee


Welcome to the official page of the Anti-bullying Committee at Holy Cross High School. Here, you can keep up to date with all the great things we have been doing to prevent bullying in our school.

We are working towards Holy Cross being a bully free school, and we hope this mission can be completed in the near future. Thank you for visiting our section of the webpage and we would love to hear your feedback on our new page.

Nathan Shevlin- S2 Ambassador

The main aim of the Anti-bullying Committee (ABC) is to create a positive ethos based on inclusion, compassion and Christian values. If we can promote a positive ethos, we can help tackle the issues that lead to bullying in the first place, making Holy Cross High School a safe place for all young people.

The Anti-bullying Committee (ABC) has been fully established at Holy Cross since 2016. The group is made up of around 20 pupils from S2-S6, all of which are willing volunteers who want to help put a stop to bullying in their school.